Working the Land We Love

At Terra Sávia, we produce award-winning organic wines, extra virgin olive oil, and other olive oil-based products with a special commitment towards land conservation and wildlife preservation. Our grapes and olives are grown organically in our estate vineyard and orchard and produced in small lots and batches. By growing our own fruit in Mendocino County we are able to control 100% of the process from the field to the finished product. We maintain strict quality control and adhere to the highest standards of organic farming. 

The beautiful Sanel Valley in Mendocino County is home to over 1,000 species of plants and animals otherwise endangered by development. By choosing to enjoy our products, you are also actively protecting wildlife habitats, conserving heritage forests, reducing waste and carbon emissions, and supporting your local economy.  A portion of our proceeds from all sales is donated to wildlife rescue in Sonoma  and Mendocino Counties.